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The Waste Management Association of British Columbia (WMABC) is pleased the provincial government has rejected Metro Vancouver's proposed Bylaw 280.


The decision means that Metro Vancouver will remain an open and competitive waste and recycling market, which has helped create and nurture our recycling industry that includes over 60 private companies and 3,000 employees.

The WMABC welcomes the opportunity to work with Surrey Panorama MLA Marvin Hunt on his review of Metro Vancouver’s Integrated Solid Waste Management Plan. We are hopeful that this action will open the door for true dialogue and consultation about how we can increase recycling and diversion of waste away from landfills.The waste and recycling industry wishes to acknowledge the commitment of the following organizations that lent their voice in support on this issue.

These include:


  • BC Chamber of Commerce

  • Business Council of British Columbia

  • Vancouver Board of Trade

  • BC Restaurant and Foodservices Association

  • Independent Contractors and Businesses Association

  • Canadian Taxpayers’ Federation

Metro Vancouver has achieved an enviable diversion rate of nearly 60% within an open marketplace. This has occurred through the public and private sectors working collaboratively to develop diversion strategies and programs that have in turn fostered the development of a vibrant recycling industry.


To view our letter to MLA Marvin Hunt, click here.


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