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National Zero Plastic Waste Strategy

The WMABC is pleased to provide input on the National Zero Plastic Waste Strategy for Canada. We are supportive of the efforts of this federal-provincial-territorial approach to keep plastic wastes within the economy and out of disposal and the environment. The WMABC has long advocated for a truly joint process whereby governments set the policy outcomes it wants and then collaboratively engages the private waste services industry and other stakeholders to determine the best way to achieve these policies.  The members of the WMABC play a pivotal role in enhancing diversion of plastics in both the municipal and industrial, commercial and institutional sectors by providing our strengths in logistics and infrastructure to collect and process these materials in an environmentally responsible manner and return them to the economy as secondary resources.  We regard these examples as a sustainable approach to resource reallocation and promotion of a circular economy. 

Sept 2018

WMABC Submission can be found here

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