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Metro Vancouver Proposed Bylaws 307, 308 & 309

The WMABC is opposed to Metro’s Vancouver’s proposed Bylaw 307, a Hauler Licensing Bylaw and Bylaw 309, amendments to the existing Bylaw 181 that has been submitted to the Minister of Environment for his approval. 


It is the WMABC’s position that the cumulative effects of these bylaws:

  • represents a new tax on each Metro Vancouver businesses conservatively estimated to be more than $2,400 per year which, at a minimum, is collectively over $133,634,400 million on the Region’s businesses per year;

  • puts smaller waste haulers at a competitive disadvantage with larger waste haulers, which could push smaller waste haulers out of the market resulting in business failures and job losses; 

  • provides Metro Vancouver an additional revenue stream to fund the building of a second incinerator;

  • places a significant barrier to future private sector waste investments in innovative diversion technologies due to Metro Vancouver’s anti-competitive practices currently under review by the Canadian Competition Bureau;

  • provides an exemption for recycling facilities that are processing municipal and commercial materials under contract with Recycle BC creating a competitive disadvantage for those companies outside of the Recycle BC program, and;

  • is an ill-conceived public policy that is technically and operationally impossible to implement and runs contrary to the objectives and goals of the Integrated Solid Waste and Resource Management Plan to not impede private sector investment in the delivery of waste management services.

These proposed bylaws are also opposed by BC’s leading business and industry associations that represent key industries within the Metro Vancouver Industrial, Commercial and Institutional (IC&I) sector such as property management, construction and demolition, manufacturing, retail and professional services and others. 

WMABC Nov 17, 2017 Letter to Minister of Environment Here

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