WMABC 2022 Webinar Series




The Future of Electric Waste Trucks:
Opportunities, Challenges & Sustainability

Tuesday June 28, 2022 11am - 12pm

Virtual Online Webinar


Cost: No fee 

On the road to sustainability, we have trucks. Diesel trucks. Compressed and liquified natural gas trucks. Even hybrid-electric trucks. Trucks are a critical component of an effective integrated waste management system. We use trucks to collect and transport solid waste, recyclables, and organics to processing and disposal facilities, both near and far. 

The future of trucks is exciting. In fact, it’s electric! We have already begun to see a significant move to electric passenger vehicles and waste truck manufacturers are no exception to the trend. What can we expect in the way of potential challenges, expectations & sustainability?

This webinar looks at the future of Electric Waste Trucks and the future is closer than you think. 

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