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February 2021


For 50 years Ecowaste Industries, located in Richmond BC, has been involved in the many aspects of waste management. Ecowaste operates a C&D landfill in Richmond BC. Activities at the landfill site include; a wood MRF turning wood/lumber into biomass, a concrete crushing operation, operating a public drop-off area for residential C&D materials, and turning yard waste into compost. 

The compost and aggregate products are either used for landfill closure activities or sold commercially to the public or to custom soils manufacturers located on site. Biofuels are sold as low carbon alternative to manufactures, universities and energy producers.

In 2018, EcoWaste was proud of their innovative installation of a Wood MRF to create biomass/hog fuel for industrial energy generation applications.  In 2019, Ecowaste opened a Transfer Stations in New Westminster which accepts C&D materials from commercial customers.    

Recent articles on their growth can be found here. &

For more details on what Ecowaste Industries can do for you and your company, please contact

Christian Dietrich, General Manager  at

or 604-715- 9955







WMABC Member Profile Highlight

January 2021

Long time and supportive WMABC member Environmental Metals Works Ltd ( EMW), located in Two Hills, Alberta, manufactures steel waste containers for front load, rear load, side load, roll off and Hazmat services.

EMW has been in operation since 1981, offering extensive knowledge & understanding of the waste industry’s needs and requirements.

Presided over by Lindsay Haag, EMW maintains a dedicated, professional team of 60 employees committed to quality customer care.

Proud innovator of the EZEE Rolling Roof (patented), their commitment to quality and safety

is of paramount importance.

Contact member representative Bill Cummins for more information on what EMW offers.

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