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Who We Are

The Waste Management Association of BC was formed as a group of independent businesses focused in the hauling, recycling and processing industry. The strategy was to create a united voice and approach on topics such as: illegal dumping, unethical practices, landfill costs and government regulation.
In addition, over the years, the WMABC has served as an excellent forum for all members to network with each other, learn and train on common business issues, such as truck and employees safety, licensing requirements and changes in recycling regulations.
Our members become involved in the association by attending Member Meetings and/or assisting on Committees that focus on our core common business issues.

What We Do


For over 30 years, the Waste Management Association of BC (WMABC) has provided a forum and unified voice for BC's private sector waste management industry. We are made up of over 75 member companies including collectors and haulers, waste and recycling facility operators, material marketers and a wide range of industry suppliers.

The WMABC members represent over 5,000 jobs in BC and provide the majority share of the waste and recycling handled in the province. The WMABC supports free market competition and our members are dedicated to providing efficient and effective, private sector waste management solutions. Our members are an important source of jobs, investment and waste diversion in BC.

WMABC Bylaws - click here




The WMABC offers:


- Active committees that act on our member's behalf to create a united voice at municipal and regional government's tables.

- Member's meetings that feature industry relevant speakers and suppliers who share best practices with our members.

- Industry updates by email summarizing current events, media coverage, regulation updates, etc

- Our directors meet regularly to discuss and recommend new ideas and events that will benefit the association as a whole, and the industry in BC.




The WMABC also has an active committment to our community, any fundraising efforts throughout the year are given to our charity of choice, Canuck Place Children's Hospice.

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