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Unsafe operation of a waste collection vehicle can be fatal. It is imperative that those who operate or work with waste collection vehicles are aware of all risks associated. 
The Waste Management Association of BC has developed this collector's safety guidebook to educate industry peers on the best practices when it comes to safe operation of waste collection vehicles. The guidebook was developed by industry for industry, with the assistance & approval of WorkSafeBC. This is the first industry safety guidebook for waste drivers & swampers available to all industry members in BC. 

WMABC Waste & Recycling Collector's Safety Guidebook

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  • The back cover of this safety guidebook can be co-branded with your comapny logo. Please refer to pricing list for this option.

  • This guidebook is intended as an additional resource to support your company training protocols and industry standards and is not intended to replace any existing training programs or industry standards. 
    It is our sincerest hope that the use of this guidebook will reduce and/or prevent serious accidents within our industry. 

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