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Tips for Attending Zoom Events

Joining Zoom Events

Last Updated: March 7, 2022

To join Zoom Events that you are registered for, you can click the join link in the confirmation email, calendar entry, or the ticket in your Zoom Events account. You can also join Zoom Events from the Zoom desktop client, Zoom mobile app, or the events detail page.

Before joining an event on a computer or mobile device, download the Zoom app from our Download Center. Otherwise, you will be prompted to download and install Zoom when you click a join link.

Note: You must sign in to the Zoom desktop client with the same Zoom account used for Zoom Event registration. 


Prerequisites for joining Zoom Events

  • Zoom desktop client

    • Windows: 5.8.6 or higher

    • macOS: 5.8.6 or higher

  • Zoom mobile client

    • iOS: 5.8.6 or higher

    • Android: 5.8.6 or higher

  • Basic, Pro, Business, Enterprise, or Education account


How to join an event

Here are a few things to keep in mind when joining Zoom Events: 

  • Every ticket creates a unique URL that is linked to your account. Other users will not be able to join the event using your link.

  • Joining audio by Zoom Phone or dial-in is not supported.

  • If the event you are joining is being recorded, you will have to provide consent to being recorded to join the event.

  • When registrants are signed in to their Zoom desktop client (with integrated calendars) with credentials different than their Zoom Event registration credentials, they will see a View Event option. Only users signed in to the Zoom desktop client with the same credentials that are used for Zoom Event registration will see a Join button.

  • Registrants will be notified if it is too early to join the event.

  • Registrants will be notified if it is too late to join the event. 

  • Registrants can join or bookmark an event from the session detail view.

  • Registrants will receive an introductory message when the itinerary is opened. Zoom Event users can follow the link to open the session page.


Join an event from an email

After you have completed registration for a free or paid event, you will receive an email to confirm your registration. 

  1. Open the Zoom Events confirmation email.

  2. Click View Ticket.
    This will redirect you to the Upcoming tab of events in the Tickets page.

  3. Find the ticket for the event that you want to join.

  4. Click Join.


Join an event from the Zoom mobile app


  • Once an Attendee joins a session, it will open in the Zoom mobile app.

  • Attendees need to be signed in to the Zoom mobile app and the web browser on their mobile device.

To join an event from the Zoom mobile app:

  1. Sign in to the Zoom mobile app.

  2. Click the Meetings tab, then find and click the Upcoming Zoom Events that you want to join.
    You can also click View Event or the calendar invite or link to access the event page.

  3. On the web browser sign-in page, sign in to your Zoom account.

  4. Click Join.
    You will be taken to a new page where all started sessions are listed as tiles.

  5. Select a session to join.
    Note: If the event has not started or there are no active sessions, you will receive a message about this. 

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